8th Grade Math Tutors

Following is a list of 8th Grade Math Tutors.

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Julie (Blanchester , OH)   

I am a very enthusiastic and energetic teacher. I have worked as an online tutor for the past 6 years with over 2800 hours completed. I have tutored students at various ages and levels. I approach each tutoring session with great expectation and specific goals: help the student have a greater understanding of math. I like to have fun with learning...
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Emily (San Francisco , CA)   

I have experience in tutoring both elementary and high school mathematics and English. My husband is a mathematics and computer science teacher, so with me, you buy one, get one free.I have found that laying a robust foundation is critical for elementary school students, and that re-laying that foundation is critical for many high school students.T...
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Candice (Baltimore , MD)   

Presently, I teach Algebra 1 Honors and Geometry. I also teach Calulus at Morgan State University and tutor Pre Calculus online weekly. I've also taught College Algebra at Morgan State Uiversity. I taught Probability and Statistics and Algebra 2 last year at Mergenthaler Vocational High School.
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Dahlia (Chicago , IL)   

I taught high school math, specifically geometry for five years in both the public and charter school systems. I have been tutoring all levels of math throughout my adult life and want to help you succeed in your coursework.

Nida (Laguna Niguel , CA)   

B.S. and MS in Math and Statistics along with an experience of 8+ years of one-on-one tutoring in mathematics and statistics of all levels. I also have an experience tutoring special education kids (elementary to high school level), foster kids and also college/graduate students with math learning disabilities. I have worked with different governme...
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Aaron (San Antonio , TX)   

I work for several different tutoring companies tutoring mathematics at all levels through, and including, college.
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Gavin (Phoenix , AZ)   

I graduated from The University of Washington in December 2016 with a B.S. in Mathematics. I was working for Microsoft in the sales department up until three weeks ago, when I relocated to Phoenix. While I was in college, I had a leadership position in a student run high school mentorship organization called The Dream Project...
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Bruce (Hampton , VA)   

I have a son who has dyslexia. He taught my different ways to solve problems. I also developed more patience and being supportive. I will be your cheerleader! I go at your pace and feel every question deserves an answer.
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Sukanya (SANTA CLARA , CA)   

Grade Potential (Role: Math Tutor) CA, USA – August 2016 – Present • Working As private SAT/ACT Math Tutor. • Helped undergrad students for Calculus exam preparations. • Clears their doubts and helped in homework. • Helped Students preparing for SAT/ACT exams. CMC Ltd. ...
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Hector (Houston , TX)   

I have more than 7 years of valuable experience tutoring students in a variety of mathematical subjects. Additionally, I helped students to prepare for required standardized tests such as the STAAR exam. I inculcate my students on effective problem solving and critical thinking strategies to improve their performance. Consistent practice and rep...

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