8th Grade Math Tutors

I prepared and made special training for engineers and operators of Oil & Gas Industry and teached Statistic in a College located in Curacao, a Dutch Caribbean Island.

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18 years of teaching.

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I currently work as an 8th grade Math teacher. I have a BS in Mathematical Sciences and a masters degree in Educational Leadership. I tutored in my university's Math lab throughout my undergrad years in Math and computer Science. Post grad I have tutored both Middle and High school students on specific standards and/ or preparing them for state end...

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I am a 7th grade math teacher in the Bronx. I have been teaching at the same school for the DOE for 6 years (math and science). In the past (high school and undergraduate) I have interned in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools throughout the Bronx. I have my undergraduate degree in Math, 7-2, a Masters in Special Education, 7-12 ...

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I have been teaching for 14 years and have taught high school math for 12 of those years and middle school math for 2 years.

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I’ve taught in a public school for 15 years. I have experience teaching Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, college level (dual credit) MTH 111 and MTH 112 (college Algebra and Pre-Calculus), as well as junior high careers class, social/emotional health and Leather making classes.

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Tutoring Math & Science to High School Students for +6 years.

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I have been teaching and tutoring maths for 25 years. I have taught 5th grade through high school and now I travel the country teaching maths teachers how to be better teachers.

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I have a Masters in Education, Secondary Mathematics and have taught middle school and high school math as a teacher the last 5 years. Additionally, while a college student, I tutored a number of student athletes in various college mathematics courses.

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I am currently a Mathematics teaching fellow, and I also help prepare students for examinations, such as SAT Math, SHSAT Math, and Regents.

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