Frequently Asked Questions

Student Common Questions/Answers

How does MathWizTutors work?

We make it really easy for students or parents to post what type of Math Tutor you are looking for. When posting a tutor request, you are able to specify grade level requirements, subject requirements, location requirements, if you want a local tutor or an online tutor and a whole lot more. We then work hard behind the scenes to match you up with top quality tutors that fit your requirements. You will receive email messages with the matches and can view tutor profiles which include their experience, ratings, background check and more. You contact the tutors you like and have full control of which tutor you hire.

How do I find a Math Tutor?

Simply fill out the find math tutor form on our site and our system will present you with matches. You can then review the profiles of the tutors and can choose to contact the tutors you like best.

How do I see a Math Tutors experience?

Every Math Tutor listed through our service has a profile page. From this page you are able to view information about the tutor such as experience, qualifications, ratings & reviews, background checks and more. Keep in mind that the experience and qualifications on Tutor profiles are listed by the Tutor themselves so we suggest you verify this information.

Do you offer background checks on Tutors?

All tutors accepted into our system must pass a national background check. You have the otpion to view the background check report on the tutor you choose. Note: we use a 3rd party for background checks and while this information tends to be fairly accurate we cannot 100% guarantee it.

How do I contact a Math Tutor?

You are able to contact a Math Tutor directly from their profile page. There is a contact button on the profile page, which will allow you to easily send a message to the tutor.

How do I pay a Tutor?

You can pre-pay through our secure payment gateway for the amount of tutoring hours you want to purchase or you can work out payment terms directly with a tutor. If you pre-pay through our system, we then pay the tutor for each tutoring session after the session is complete.

Tutor Common Questions/Answers

How do I get math tutor jobs?

First make sure and sign up to create a Math Tutor profile. After you complete your Tutor profile, you will start to receive Math Tutor Job alerts. You can opt-in to receive these alerts by email and text message. When you receive these alerts, you can review the job requirements and contact the student if interested.

It is very important that you fully fill out your profile page to showcase your value. To increase your chances of being chosen, make sure and respond to tutor request alerts ASAP. Also read our tips on "How To Get More Math Tutoring Jobs" here

How do I contact a student?

After your profile is approved, you will receive job alerts when new students post tutoring requests. You are able to contact the student through the job posting page which includes a contact form. After a student accepts you as their tutor, you can contact them through methods you both decide on or you can continue to use our messaging system.

How do I tutor students online?

The tools and software you use to tutor students online is up to you and the student. Many tutors use Zoom (recommended), Skype, FaceTime,, or We do not lock you into any particular platform or software. We leave this up to you.

How do I get paid for lessons?

We do not get involved with payment between you and the students/parents. It is important that you work out payment terms and the payment method directly with the student or parent before starting a tutoring session. Many tutors use PayPal or Venmo. We do not lock you into our payment system and do not take a percent of what you earn. This allows you to use to whatever payment system or method you prefer and charge whatever fee you and the student feel is fair.

Am I as a tutor required to purchase a background check?

You will not be able to contact students until you complete and pass a background check. Parents have a higher level of trust with tutors who have passed a background check and it is important for us to only connect students with trustworthy and qualified tutors. You can however setup a tutor profile and receive tutoring request alerts and also participate in our question & answers section without a background check. You will not be able to contact students/parents who request a tutor though until a background check is completed. We make it really easy to purchase a background check directly through our system and most checks come back within 24 hours.

How much are your fees?

It is FREE to contact up to 4 students every 30 days and to participate in our math questions & answers section. Answering questions is a great way to get in front of students who need help and gives your tutor profile more visibility. You are required to purchase a background check before being able to contact students but you do not need a background check to answer questions.

Our plans are priced below:
FREE Plan: Contact up to 4 students every 30 days for free
Wiz Level 1 Plan: $29/mo to contact up to 25 students per month
Wiz Level 2 Plan: $49/mo to contact up to 60 students per month (most popular)
Wiz Level 3 Plan: $89/mo to contact up to 120 students per month

Our Guarantee!

For Paid Wiz Level Plans, we will give you contact credits back for un-opened messages you send to students. If your message is not viewed within 5 days from the time you send it, we will add an additional contact credit to your account so you can contact another student. We do not track or store all opens in the free plan so contact credits are not offered in the free plan.

All plans are month-to-month. We do not lock you in. You can cancel at anytime.

We also give you the option to purchase a background check report for $49 which is good for 1 year. We require a background check before you are able to contact students who are looking to hire a tutor. This helps instill trust with parents. We do not require a background check to participate in our questions & answers section.

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