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* My name is John and I can solve your math troubles. *. Math doesn’t have to be hard. The problem for many students is that the subject isn’t taught well. This is where I come in. I’m very good at explaining math in a clear way so that math problems that once seemed impossible actually become easy. My experience and teaching skills will eliminate the fear, anxiety, and frustrations you may have about math. *My goal is to help you do well in school, and perhaps one day even come to like math. I am patient and attentive to the needs of each student. I have an excellent track record and am very good at what I do. All my students have shown great improvement in their math skills. My current students in Algebra and AP Calculus are earning “A”s in Class!


* I’m a Princeton grad and a professional math tutor. I have an extensive background in math, extending up through calculus. I aced the math and quantitative portions of my standardized tests. I’ve been tutoring for over four years and have helped many students in algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trig, and AP Calculus. My students in Algebra and AP Calculus are earning “A”s in class currently. *I also tutor students in the ACT, SAT, all subjects. They experience a 45% improvement in the scores on average. * I live in NE Ohio and tutor on line and in person. * My first lesson is free of charge! I want you to see first hand how just one tutoring session can open the door to your clear understanding of math. *Feel free to get in touch. My schedule is flexible, including evenings. We will set up a schedule that fits your situation. i look forward to hearing from you!


Princeton University
BA, Majored in English, Minored in Mathematics

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