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I am a Princeton University graduate, located in Cleveland, Ohio. At Princeton I did varsity level mathematics. I love kids and I enjoy teaching math! I have used math extensively in my business career prior to becoming a math tutor. It would be my great honor to begin tutoring with you! I have been recognized for excellence in math tutoring by 3 high school tutoring organizations, and I’m passionate about helping students succeed in math. Students who work with me make great strides in the classroom! I also help numerous students prepare for the ACT/SAT, all subjects. On average, students I tutor for the ACT & SAT improve their test score by 45%! For ACT/SAT prep my rate is $35 per hour. For effective test prep I recommend one-on-one on-line prep tutoring of anywhere from 14 to 32 hours depending on student prep budget and goals. I am also tutoring High School drop outs to assist them in passing the math portion of the GED exam. Contact me at 216-559-2819 or by email at


* I love math and have been proficient in math my entire life. *Have professional tutor training by the MindsMatter organization, where I currently assist students do well on the ACT in preparation for college, and at another organization. *I have tutored students in 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grades, high school, Pre-algebra, Algebra I,II, Geometry, Trigonometry, precalculus, etc. with success. *I would love to help you with your math problems or help you prep for ACT&SAT (all subjects) *on-line: live audio and visual through Skype *First hour lesson is free!


Princeton University
BA, Majored in English, Minored in Mathematics

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