Pre-calculus Math Tutors

I am a high school math and chemistry teacher and have also spent time teaching middle school math.

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I've been tutoring math for 9 years now, starting in 5th grade when I began staying after school to help out some of my classmates. I have 100+ hours of community service doing math tutoring, and a few years ago I began doing it as a side gig. I tutor at the local library in Tracy, at my students' homes, and online.

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I have been tutoring math in a public library for one year, and I love to work with students. During my tutoring sessions, my students are always excited to learn new things, because I am good at designing games in which math concepts are used. Real world examples are often used in my sessions, so that students know why they need to learn math and...

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I'm a certified teacher in grades 4-12. I have taught 3 years ranging in grades from 3-12. I have also been tutoring privately for over 10 years and been employed at Mathnasium, Tutor Doctor, and ASU's Mathematics Lab.

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I’ve been teaching high school math for the last 5 years

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I have taught mathematics at the high school level for 13 years and usually students request me all the time. I currently help an additional 40 students who are not enrolled in my course. I have taught everything from pre algebra to trigonometry and everything in between.

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My undergraduate degree is in Mathematics and I have been tutoring and or teaching math for the past ten years. 7 of those years as a classroom teacher, four years in middle school and three years in high school. I have taught everything from 6th grade through AP Calculus.

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I have taught middle school math for 11 years, but have a degree in mathematics and love higher levels of math as well.

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Professionally, my ultimate goal is to teach my students to be abstract thinkers. My mathematical lessons and activities compel them to think outside of the box because I do not give my students the answers to basic or complex problems. Instead, I show them how to break down the mathematical concepts in order to achieve a deeper understanding of ...

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I’ve taught in a public school for 15 years. I have experience teaching Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, college level (dual credit) MTH 111 and MTH 112 (college Algebra and Pre-Calculus), as well as junior high careers class, social/emotional health and Leather making classes.

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