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6 years teaching middle school math

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BA in Math Education MA in Mathematics 5 years teaching high school math 2 years teaching remedial math at community college 3 years tutoring college math classes up to calculus

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I’ve been teaching in various grade levels for 20 years with a focus in math, technology and computer science

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I currently teach calculus and discrete mathematics but can tutor any subject in mathematics through undergraduate courses. I believe in creating a strong relationship with my students. I feel students learn best when there is a developed level of trust and comfort level with their tutors.

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I am a great Math tutor because I have the patience to listen and understand what my student's needs are. When we work well together, good things happen!

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I have taught math at a variety of levels, high school, college, AP, Basic, etc., for more than 20 years. By the grace of God and His Son, I have been called to teach.

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I have been a math teacher for five years. I have taught all middle school and high school classes up to and including precalculus. I also have experience working with students in an online environment.

A majority of my experience is as a high school math teacher at an alternative school for the past 4 years. Each student was working at their own pace, so I did a lot of one-on-one teaching and tutoring. I worked with students whose abilities and backgrounds were very diverse. This experience has taught me how to reach each student where they're at...

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I have tutored mostly pre-calculus and calculus 1 to college students for the past 5 years

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I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics education from Auburn University. I graduated in 2014 and began teaching Algebra 1 and geometry. Over the next three years, I taught ACT prep, pre-calculus, Algebra 3, and honors geometry. I have tutored students in subjects ranging from 7th grade math to calculus.

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