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During college I was one of the leaders of our inner city tutoring outreach program that paired Baltimore elementary and junior high kids with college students to improve math and language arts skills. I also taught summer school through the Teach Baltimore program and have continued to tutor since graduation, primarily in the areas of math and bas...

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Grade Potential (Role: Math Tutor) CA, USA – August 2016 – Present • Working As private SAT/ACT Math Tutor. • Helped undergrad students for Calculus exam preparations. • Clears their doubts and helped in homework. • Helped Students preparing for SAT/ACT exams. CMC Ltd. ...

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I have 12 yrs experience helping spec Ed students and 5th grade.

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I am Florida Certified to teach math 5th-9th grade, but that only highlights my favorite levels, not all I am capable of tutoring. I have worked in schools for 3 years, including substituting in math classes, and tutoring math to individuals and small groups including adults in college whom may have forgotten the content taught in high school.

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I would describe myself as a creative teacher, tailoring lessons to fit students needs based on their best learning method. I come up with additional problems in the areas that students need more practice with, and explain difficult concepts in different ways so that it will be understood. Teaching is so rewarding for me, especially when I see stud...

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I studied Mathematics as an undergraduate, and as a graduate student I also took courses in Probability and Statistics. As a Graduate Instructor for a Data Analysis course at UC Berkeley, I helped Education Grad students with questions and review, as well as co-taught a computer lab section. More recently, I have been tutoring Math for elementary a...

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* Calculus III - 4 years * High School level math - 5 years * High School level physics - 2 years * College level physics - 2 years

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I am a duly certified Math Educator in 1-6 and 7-12 grade. I hold two degrees from St. John's University and now reside in Wesley Chapel. I have experience, not only teaching common core math and Eureka math, but college math as well.

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Besides loving numbers and math, I have tutored many students in all types of mathematics for 20+ years!! I am able to help students find a nice relationship with numbers and math so that they are not frustrated with, angry at or even scared of numbers and math. I take my time and am very patient, never rushing a learning student as (s)he finds h...

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My score on the math section of the GRE, or the graduate school admission test, was 165/170 Q. This was the 90th percentile. I also tutored a student in multivariable calculus twice a week. We built a lesson plan to focus on the concepts he was struggling the most with and built his confidence on completing problems.

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