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I have been working with children for over 7 years. I plan on being a Principal of an elementary school one day. I try to make math fun, I find different ways to teach and learn math. I have been tutoring for over 5 years. I enjoy everything about math.

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My undergraduate degree is in Mathematics and I have been tutoring and or teaching math for the past ten years. 7 of those years as a classroom teacher, four years in middle school and three years in high school. I have taught everything from 6th grade through AP Calculus.

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I have a Masters in Education, Secondary Mathematics and have taught middle school and high school math as a teacher the last 5 years. Additionally, while a college student, I tutored a number of student athletes in various college mathematics courses.

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I have collaborated with various academies on their lesson plans and taught in public + private schools throughout my pedagogical tenure for around a dozen years now.

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Tutor with Happy Learning 2021-current Happy Learning is an online tutoring company that provides students around the world with teacher lead elective and tutoring courses. Currently, I teach beginning Spanish, geometry, speech, debate, and English. This position has allowed me to build structured lessons that provide students with conte...

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I have been tutoring in math and the sciences for over 15 years and have been able to hone my ability to teach subjects from a wide variety of vantage points in order to help students best absorb the material in a way that is compatible with their learning style.

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Two Years Teaching experience and over 10 years tutoring experience.

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