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Growing up the only boy of three older girls I enjoy 'helping the group'. I find math simple and beautiful in its structure and applications. I helped a few of my sisters with math - those that would let me - and found it very satisfying and interesting to try to understand how the ‘student’ thinks. I listen and learn to find the area(s) that ar...

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* Calculus III - 4 years * High School level math - 5 years * High School level physics - 2 years * College level physics - 2 years

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I am a certified math teacher with four years of experience as a classroom teacher and twelve years of experience as a private tutor -- mostly for mathematics and test prep (ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, SSAT, ISEE, GED, ASVAB). In June of 2016, I earned a GRE Verbal score of 169 out of 170 (99th percentile) and a GRE Quantitative score of 164 out of 170...

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I studied Mathematics as an undergraduate, and as a graduate student I also took courses in Probability and Statistics. As a Graduate Instructor for a Data Analysis course at UC Berkeley, I helped Education Grad students with questions and review, as well as co-taught a computer lab section. More recently, I have been tutoring Math for elementary a...

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I have a bachelor's degree in education grades 1-6. I have taught grades 1,2,3, and 6, and my favorite subject to teach is math. I have been a math tutor for 12 years. I like to approach math from a practical approach, using a lot of concrete examples to make the math relevant and understandable.

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I have had a math tutoring business since 1995 and have taught and tutored math at several local colleges.

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My classroom experience allows me hands on, current knowledge of content and method of curriculum delivery. My patience and ability to explain content in multiple ways allows you to learn more effectively.

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I have always enjoyed math, and studied it at the college level (e.g. Calculus of 3D space, Linear Algebra, etc). After college, I taught it for 3 years in grade school, and also was a teaching assistant while in graduate school. Currently, I am tutoring adults who are preparing for high school equivalency exams (GED).

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Before I came to USA, I worked for a college as math and engineering teach for more than 10 years. Some of my students become CEO, professors, medical doctors

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