Calculus 1 Math Tutors

* Calculus III - 4 years * High School level math - 5 years * High School level physics - 2 years * College level physics - 2 years

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I have 5 months in tutoring online

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I am adept at teaching mathematics at both the middle and high school levels.

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The most important thing for a learner to realize is you have a high potential of mind power that needs to be cultivated by a vision of hope. I want to teach you critical thinking skills, how to evaluate and analyze, how to hunt assumptions, I want to teach you universal things first reflected by mathematical concepts then move on to concrete thing...

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I was the director of Richmond Hill Academy ( in Toronto for over 6 years, have several years of tutoring experience, and am proud to say that all my elementary students have been accepted to their intended high school, and my grade 12 students have had no less than 100% university admission rates, which is something that en...

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Before I came to USA, I worked for a college as math and engineering teach for more than 10 years. Some of my students become CEO, professors, medical doctors

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I worked with children/teenagers at a learning center where I performed individualized therapies and training with them. I understand how to adapt and create individualized lesson plans for each student because everyone learns differently. I am also a very kind, patient and understanding person that would love to help students become confident and ...

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I have 18 years of college teaching experience at 4 different universities in the US.

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I have my Associate's Degree in Math and Science. I am a transfer student at UC Berkeley, majoring in Mathematics with a Teaching Concentration. However, I have taken a year off to finish the last few classes needed to complete my Associate's in Early Childhood Education. I currently work at a Tutoring Center known as My Learning Studio, where I ha...

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I work for several different tutoring companies tutoring mathematics at all levels through, and including, college.

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