7th Grade Math Tutors

I have more than 10 years combined experiences in classroom and private one-on-one teaching engineering, science, and math, including teaching at UC-Berkeley, the Gifted Youth Program at Stanford University, local youth centers, public universities, and community colleges. I am well organized and enjoy breaking down complex math problem into simpl...

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I was the director of Richmond Hill Academy (richmondhillacademy.com) in Toronto for over 6 years, have several years of tutoring experience, and am proud to say that all my elementary students have been accepted to their intended high school, and my grade 12 students have had no less than 100% university admission rates, which is something that en...

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I am a certified math teacher with four years of experience as a classroom teacher and twelve years of experience as a private tutor -- mostly for mathematics and test prep (ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, SSAT, ISEE, GED, ASVAB). In June of 2016, I earned a GRE Verbal score of 169 out of 170 (99th percentile) and a GRE Quantitative score of 164 out of 170...

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12 years tutoring experience with students from 11 to 45 years old. Extremely patient and detailed. Have taught a universities and high schools. Love what I do; love kids, love student who truly care to learn.

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A great tutor not only knows but he also listens to the students and their requests. Explains them in a manner that will be understood. Also helps the student to keep on track. I work as a lab assistant in my university by helping other students understanding the simulation and it’s process flow.

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I have a son who has dyslexia. He taught my different ways to solve problems. I also developed more patience and being supportive. I will be your cheerleader! I go at your pace and feel every question deserves an answer.

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My score on the math section of the GRE, or the graduate school admission test, was 165/170 Q. This was the 90th percentile. I also tutored a student in multivariable calculus twice a week. We built a lesson plan to focus on the concepts he was struggling the most with and built his confidence on completing problems.

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I have 20+ years being an educator of nearly all age groups and in different settings. I have extensive experience teaching 6th, 7th and 8th grade math. I have also co-taught math resource classes. I am patient and understand the complexity of student's math challenges. I have a knack for reaching students with exceptionally difficult learning curv...

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I have 3 years of math tutoring experience with middle school, high school, and collegiate students in pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus. I have worked with over 20 different students in that three year span, all of whom have seen a significant improvement in not only their grades, but in their overall understanding of...

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I have over 10 year experience in the classroom. I also have the ability and capability of sharing my knowledge and strategies of teaching math.

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