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Following is a list of College Math Tutors.

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Nanae (Redlands , CA)   

I have tutored before to various levels of math. In addition I have a lot of experience teaching students new skills and helping them fortify old ones through swimming. I believe this knowledge will help me approach problems and students differently to cater to their learning styles.
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Warda (Denver , CO)   

Intern at Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Source. Former Technical Marketing Engineer at ABB. Currently a Graduate Student at University of Colorado Boulder. Currently a Math Tutor at University of Colorado Boulder. Student Lead at University of Colorado Boulder.

Nida (Laguna Niguel , CA)   

B.S. and MS in Math and Statistics along with an experience of 8+ years of one-on-one tutoring in mathematics and statistics of all levels. I also have an experience tutoring special education kids (elementary to high school level), foster kids and also college/graduate students with math learning disabilities. I have worked with different governme...
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Biao (Brandenton , FL)   

Before I came to USA, I worked for a college as math and engineering teach for more than 10 years. Some of my students become CEO, professors, medical doctors
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Melissa (Wesley Chapel , FL)   

I am a duly certified Math Educator in 1-6 and 7-12 grade. I hold two degrees from St. John's University and now reside in Wesley Chapel. I have experience, not only teaching common core math and Eureka math, but college math as well.
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Victor (Woodridge , IL)   

I have tutored privately, worked in math labs in college, student taught algebra and pre-algrebra in college and i have worked for a tutoring company. I have also worked in the private sector (steel and manufacturing industries) for 15 years, gaining technical, engineering, and management experience. This coupled with my education has provided me w...
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Candice (Baltimore , MD)   

Presently, I teach Algebra 1 Honors and Geometry. I also teach Calulus at Morgan State University and tutor Pre Calculus online weekly. I've also taught College Algebra at Morgan State Uiversity. I taught Probability and Statistics and Algebra 2 last year at Mergenthaler Vocational High School.
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Anita (Indianapolis , IN)   

I am a licensed middle school and high school math teacher. I have been teaching and tutoring for over 13 years. I am a master lead teacher. I am part of the RTI (response to intervention) team as well as the PBIS (positive behavior insentive system) committee to get kids focused academically and socially. I was also a member of the school improve...
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Aiden (Marietta , GA)   

I have several years’ experience as adjunct instructor of Math, Computer Science and Accounting at various colleges, as well as K-12 Math and Science teaching/tutoring experience at Atlanta Public Schools. Additionally, I have mentored a wide range of students through the years in math and the physical sciences by volunteering with various after ...
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Thomas (North Port , FL)   

I am adept at teaching mathematics at both the middle and high school levels.

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