Laura U - Online Math Tutor

I would love an opportunity to serve as your math tutor and provide tools to sustaining success in math (or any subject!). I was professionally trained in chemical engineering, followed my heart into the culinary field to become a chef, and am now helping companies grow their operations. But if there’s anything that I’ve always loved, it’s working with and teaching students, whether that involves baking a cake or diving into algebra. Prior to stepping into a chef role, I had the chance to curate cooking classes with Rainbow Chefs in the Bay Area and teach middle school students in a culinary setting; in college I co-founded the PALS program to provide a mentoring and teaching program to underserved youth in New Haven, CT. After college, an initial tutoring gig meant to supplement my income as a fresh graduate evolved into six years spent tutoring grade school kids in math and science. Although my current resume doesn’t scream 'Professional Tutor', I’m looking to align my focus on something I’ve always found fulfilling - building rapport with students in a creative and educational capacity. My professional endeavors never truly allowed me the time to focus on teaching; but I’ve recently gained the chance to center my energy and career on what I love. Having been raised by parents who were war refugees and who steered me in becoming a first-generation college graduate, I’d truly value an opportunity to take on this role, not just as a tutor, but as a student's biggest cheerleader!


It's extremely fulfilling to teach and mentor students! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a student's confidence rise when they understand a concept, feel better about learning and come to appreciate their class and coursework. I live in Manhattan Beach and am able to tutor in person within a 10-15 mile radius.


Yale University
Chemical Engineering

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