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As a person I'm pretty boring. I love physics, nerdy things, chilling at home, and my Fiance. I'm a pisces if that's worth anything to anyone, and I'm frequently told that my personality fits the archetype well. I have a calm, gentle voice, and I pride myself on my communication and listening skills. I worked at the West Kentucky Community and Technical College for several years as a math tutor, focusing on college algebra, trigonometry, and calc 1. Tutoring math is one of the best jobs I've ever had, and the only reason I'm not still employed there is because I was displaced from my home in 2017 due to unfortunate life circumstances. I'm starting to get back on my feet, and I'm trying this website to hopefully continue doing what I love. I believe that math is the fundamental language of the universe, and the only reason more people don't speak it is because their teachers aren't explaining it in a way they understand. Everyone processes information differently, and I frequently try to apply that fact when I speak.


See "about" section. In addition to previous tutoring experience, I am also entering my senior year in my college's mechanical engineering program. To date I have completed almost all of the physics and math requirements such as fluid mechanics, dynamics, vibrations, matrix algebra, the entire calculus battery (1-3), and differential equations. I will be completing the last math requirement by May, namely modeling and analysis of mechanical systems (For those curious, it's basically a class teaching how to take a real world thing, represent it's motion with calculus, and then solve the equation we made up to predict it's future behavior).


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Mechanical Engineering

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