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During the last 8 years, I have been tutoring children of all ages. Actually, following the Glenn Doman studies, i was able to teach math to my own daughter when she was just baby. I used to visit a lot of families for tutoring their children from 5th up to highschool and those in college studying Calculus. It's so pleasant to assist them to see ma...

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I've excelled in math my whole life. While I've dedicated my life to studying music, I've gone out of my way to take math courses way above my degree's requirements purely out of enjoyment. I've worked as a music teacher for 5 years and have great experience teaching kids of all ages. I've got a knack for showing kids they can enjoy things that req...

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I taught my sister math and she hates it. my older brother as well who isn't great with math as well as a lot of my friends both from high school and currently college.

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