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I'm a 22 year old musician. I've been a Drum Instructor and Performance Director for the past 5 years. I'm also really good at math. Despite what kids say, it's really fun once you actually know what you're doing. And I really enjoy bringing out that realization. I love me some super heroes and all my other nerdy things. Also music is really cool.


I've excelled in math my whole life. While I've dedicated my life to studying music, I've gone out of my way to take math courses way above my degree's requirements purely out of enjoyment. I've worked as a music teacher for 5 years and have great experience teaching kids of all ages. I've got a knack for showing kids they can enjoy things that require hard work. I have experience teaching math to various friends and classmates in various math fields. I work very well with kids and have faith that I can help anyone willing to look for help.


Miami Dade College

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