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- I tutored different levels of college math for 2 years at Wright State University. I assisted students by reviewing class material, working on solutions to problems and also worked with them to develop important mathematical habits. - During that time, I was also a learning assistant. I helped facilitate small group discussions for algebra and ...

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I have 10 years teaching experience. I have taught in three different countries, namely South Africa, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. I have taught children from different language and cultural backgrounds. Which has allowed me to become more diverse in my teaching.

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I was a Major and electrical engineer in the US Air Force. This required I made extensive use of math in my job. Since getting out of the Air Force I was a part time instructor at Sinclair Community College. I have been a math tutor for over 20 years. I have successfully worked with students as young as fourth grade up through college. I tuto...

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