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Hi, I am Samar Balagamwala, with Ordinary and Advanced Levels (CIE) and Bachelors of Business Administration with Management Information Systems as my major from the University of Houston. I have taught in an elementary school as well as provided home tutoring in Maths at home and different institutes as it was my favorite subject while going to school and I scored A's in it all the time.


My style of teaching Math is simple. First, I like to know what the student knows about the problem or topic in question. If there is something to be solved, I like them to solve it first, in their own way, even if they don't know how to. That forms a basis for me and them both and helps us understand where to begin session with. This is because this way, I will know where exactly are they going wrong and what their misconceptions are. This formula has always worked with me and my students and I look forward to impart whatever knowledge and love I have for Math into my students.


University of Houston
Bachelors of Business Administration (MIS)

Houston Community College

Avicenna School
Advanced Levels (CIE)

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