Richard ordered a coffee table that was a regular pentagon. Find the measure of an exterior angle of the table (justify)

Asked By Asha On 06/27/2019 19:35


A regular pentagon is a 5-sided figure with all congruent sides. They want you to find the measure of an exterior angle, meaning if we were to extend a straight line from one of the verticies on the outside of the figure, it is this angle they want. Finding this angle measure is actually very simple, all we need to do is divide 360 by the number of sides. So 360/5 = 72. Thus, the measure of an exterior angle of a regular pentagon in 72 degrees. (*Note: The 360 comes from the degrees to make a full circular rotation around the center of the object).
Answered On 06/29/2019 04:44

Hi. So if we go all the way around a pentagon once, then it's like all the way around a lumpy circle. We know that a circle is 360 degrees. When we go through 360 in five turns of the same size, then each must be 360/5 = 72 degrees.
Answered On 06/29/2019 23:54