Math Question: Lead has a density of 11.34 g/cm³. A piece of lead weighs 520 grams. What is the volume of this piece of lead? Round to hundredths. Note: d = m/v

Asked By Glenda On 08/28/2020 17:49

Math Answers

since d=m/v then v=m/d so 520/11.34 = v so the volume is 45.86 rounded to the nearest hundredth
Answered On 08/31/2020 17:44

The equation for density is mass divided by volume. they have given you the density and asked you to find the volume. since the density is a constant no matter the mass or the volume we can simply manipulate the equation for the variable we need. d = m/v turns into d * v = m turns into v = m/d 520/11.34 = volume
Answered On 09/08/2020 14:44