Math Tutors In San Pedro CA

Following is a list of Math Tutors in San Pedro.

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Christine (San Pedro , CA)   

As I mentioned above, I have vast experience teaching kids lots of different things. I really get math, and love all the connections between one concept of math and another. I am very, very comfortable with numbers, but I understand the challenges some people have with math. Some people just don't get it. It doesn't mean they aren't smart . I ...
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Maria Cristina (San Pedro , CA)   

I love Math and have a passion in teaching. I was a Substitute Teacher for almost 3 years in our previous base, and have excelled in that carreer field. I particularly enjoyed teaching Math, because that is where I am good at. I love seeing the smile on my students’ faces whenever they learn and understand something new. I want Math to be appreciat...

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