Math Tutors In Oklahoma City OK

Following is a list of Math Tutors in Oklahoma City.

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Jarrett (Oklahoma City , OK)   

I've always liked math, and have had a natural drawing towards it. I'm going to college for Mechanical engineering and will be getting my bachelors in 2021. I've have recently taken and passed Calculus 1.
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Brittany (Oklahoma City , OK)   

I have taken and excelled in math courses from k-College and have taken courses at the University of Central Oklahoma not only in math but effective ways to teach it.
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Abraham (Oklahoma City , OK)   

tutored over 300 students on Kansas State Campus.
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Shariece (Oklahoma City , OK)   

While in High school, I tutored students in all subject areas, but the most tutoring was to students needing help with math. I also tutored while in college. I am currently homeschooling my children and the passion for math arose again. I enjoy tutoring elementary students, by showing them creative ways to solve problems.

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