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Hello!! My name is Clayton Brewer and I am a 6th grade math teacher. I am married with two children, Kennedy and Lincoln (the presidential names were on purpose) and we have four dogs and a cat! When I am not at school, working on my Masters degree, or spending time with the family I love going to CrossFit and being outside!!


I have a Bachelor's Degree in middle school math and science that allows me to teach grades 5-9. I currently teach 6th grade math and have taught 5th grade math and 8th grade science in the past. Kids enjoy being in my classroom because I try my best to make math fun and memorable. I always have former students coming up to me and saying "Mr. Brewer remember when we did ________ in class?!"


Murray State University
Bachelor of Science in Education

University of the Cumberlands
School Counselor

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