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I love bringing kids to those “aha” moments when a math concept makes more sense and is not a rote manipulation of symbols. Depending on your childs needs, we can work together on homework, school materials or on some of the skills that they don’t have time for in school but serve well for reinforcing number sense and going on to higher learning. For example, I show students ways to check their work. By middle school, I also like to start teaching other forms of “independence” such reading the examples in the text. I listen (and look) carefully to understand what a student understands and start from there.


I studied Mathematics as an undergraduate, and as a graduate student I also took courses in Probability and Statistics. As a Graduate Instructor for a Data Analysis course at UC Berkeley, I helped Education Grad students with questions and review, as well as co-taught a computer lab section. More recently, I have been tutoring Math for elementary and middle school students in the Bellevue area, including privately, as a VIBES volunteer and at Singapore Math Club.


Barnard College, Columbia University
B.A., Mathematics & Psychology

UC Berkeley
M.A., Education

Piedmont Community College
Singapore Math training

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