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As a sophomore at Notre Dame High School, I will be able to connect with students on a more personal level. Although I have not had professional experience with teaching, I know I have the academic credentials to teach elementary, middle, and some high school students. I have 2.5 years of algebra experience, 2 years of geometry experience, and 1 year of Algebra 2. I ended my freshman year of high school with a 4.17 GPA and was taking 3 honors and 3 junior-level classes. I have a lot of experience with learning Algebra and I think that helped me find better ways to learn it. I want to help your child learn math without hating it. If at any time you have questions regarding my qualifications, please reach out to me.


2 years of Algebra 1 2 years of Geometry 1 year of Algebra 2 H


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