out of 49000 people how many would you have to survey to get an accuracy rate of 5 to 8%?

Asked By g.r. On 03/15/2017 17:10


Because you are looking for an accuracy rate BETWEEN two rates, you will have to find 2 amounts of people out of the 49000. You can set up a proportion to solve this. You will need two though, remember. So, since we don't know how many people we need, that's our variable (x), but we do know the total amount of people (49000). This is your first ratio: x/49000. The second ratio come from the accuracy rates (5% and 8%). Percents are always out of 100. So the second ratio is 5/100. You will set up the proportion x/49000 = 5/100. Then, cross multiply to get 100 *x = 49000 * 5...100x = 245000. Divide by 100 to solve the one-step equation. x = 2450 people. Do this again with the 8%, so x/49000 = 8/100. Then, 100x = 392000. Divide by 100 and x = 3290. So, you would have to survey between 2,450 and 3,290 people for there to be an accuracy rate of 5 to 8%.
Answered On 03/16/2017 20:25