left parenthesis x squared plus 5 xy minus y squared right parenthesis plus left parenthesis 3 x squared minus 3 xy plus 19 y squared right parenthesisx2+5xy?y2+3x2?3xy+19y2

Asked By johnica On 09/19/2017 21:19


you add the like terms the x squared terms 1x squared plus 3 x squared = 4 x squared the xy terms 5xy + -3xy = 2xy the y squared terms -y squared + 19 y squared = 18 y squared = 4x squared + 2xy + 18 y squared also typed as 4x^2 +2xy + 18y^2
Answered On 09/19/2017 22:47

No that is wrong the answer is= 4x^2+2xy-18y^2. Oh yeah you're right. The addition to be positive both numbers and variable that is grouped together has to be position to add one negative and one position the answer should be positive if the highest number is positive. So negative is the largest number is negative.
Answered On 09/29/2017 20:52