78 meters equl how many kilometers

Asked By markus On 03/24/2017 01:26


1 meter=0.001 kilometer 78 meters (x 1 meter)= 78 meters (0.001 kilometer) 78 meters=0.078 kilometer
Answered On 03/24/2017 03:25

There are two ways you can do this. The first way is a proportion. You have 78 meters over X ( x is how many kilometers it takes to equal 78 meters) and you have to know that 1000 meters equal 1 kilometer. (78 meters/x) (1000 meters/1 kilometer) when you cross multiply you get 1000x=78. In order to find x, you have to divide 1000 on both sides. 1000x/1000 and 78/1000. Therefore, x=.078. 78 meters equal .078 kilometers Another way is if you remember: KING HENRY DIED BY DRINKING CHOCOLATE MILK. This helps you understand that it's kilo, hecta,deca, BASE, deci, centuries, milli. For this example, base is meters and we want to go to kilometers so we have to count how many spaces it takes to go from base to king or meters to kilometers. This makes us take 3 spaces back. So to find 78 meters to kilometers we have to go back three spaces. 78 with three spaces back will equal .078.
Answered On 03/24/2017 04:45