Math Question: The number of text messages Leah sent each month is show at the bottom. She can send no more than 55 messages each month without being charged. Use the inequality "t"equal to or less than 55, where is "t" id the number of text messages in a month, to determine in which months she exceeded her limit. If each additional text cost $0.25, how much was Leah charged from January to April? Month Text Messages Jan. 56 Feb. 57 Mar. 55 Apr. 51

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Math Answers

Start by subtracting each months total text message amount by 55. Starting with January's text messages. 56-55 = 1 February's text messages 57-55 = 2 March's text messages 55-55 = 0 April's text messages 51-55=-4 Now March and April are both under or equal to the text message allowance so we don't have to worry about those numbers. But January and February's totals should be added together. 1 + 2 = 3 Now each text costs $0.25. So we will multiply $0.25 times 3 which equals $0.75, which is the answer. I hope that this explanation was helpful, please message me if you have any more questions.
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