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I have been a foster parent for many years. This has given me a unique perspective on helping children. Not to mention the 4 that I have at home, that's a lot of math help!

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When I was younger, I usually did fantastic in all of my math classes. I wouldn't say I was a fanatic of math, but I did enjoy going to all of my math classes (I wonder how many kids actually enjoy going to their math class). Despite my interests shifting over to more of graphic design and writing, I still have that drive to help people who may not...

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From the time of writing this, I have over a year of tutoring multiple kids in middle to high school. I have taken both AP Calc AB and BC exams and gotten exceptional scores on both. I achieved a perfect score on the SAT Math II Subject Test; I got a 1500 on the SAT and qualified as a National Merit Semifinalist.

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