John B - Math Tutor In Boston MA

I live in downtown Boston with with my wife Anne and my Golden Retriever, Leo. We have two daughters, Meredith and Abby, both young adults who grew up here, but who now live and work in other states. I recently retired from a career in IT and banking, and am very happy to return to teaching and tutoring math. I read history, play Words with Friends, and start every day by taking Leo for a long walk that includes a stop at his favorite coffee shop, The Wired Puppy. I also follow all the major Boston sports teams, and these days am glued to CNN reporting on the domestic political scene.


I have always enjoyed math, and studied it at the college level (e.g. Calculus of 3D space, Linear Algebra, etc). After college, I taught it for 3 years in grade school, and also was a teaching assistant while in graduate school. Currently, I am tutoring adults who are preparing for high school equivalency exams (GED).


Harvard College
B.A., Anthropology

Harvard Graduate School of Education
M.Ed., Math Education

Boston University
M.S., Computer Science

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