When homeowners list their home for sale, they begin by listing it for a price that is greater than what they expect to receive. The longer a home is on the market, without being sold, the more the price drops. A realtor selects 50 homes that are currently listed for sale. A scatterplot reveals that the association between x = the number of days the home is on the market and y = the current asking price ($) is fairly linear and can be modeled by the equation \hat{y} = 245,000-200x y ^ ? =245,000?200x. Additionally, 85.4% of the variation in the current asking price can be explained by this linear model. Which of the following is the value of the correlation (r) for the relationship between x and y? (A) -200?200 (B) -0.924?0.924 (C) 0.1460.146 (D) 0.8540.854 (E) 0.9240.924

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