The doughnut shop sold 2/5 as many crème doughnuts as cinnamon doughnuts. If the shop sold 2 trays of cinnamon doughnuts, how many trays of crème doughnuts did it sell?

Asked By MELISSA On 02/28/2017 15:24


Make it simpler. You have 2/5 of a tray of creme doughtnuts for each whole (1) tray of cinnamon doughnuts. Two (2) trays of cinnamon doughnuts, so 2 x 2/5 of a tray of creme doughnuts gives us 4/5. 4/5 of a tray of creme doughnuts is the answer.
Answered On 02/28/2017 18:03

Hi! So we need to set up a proportion. The 2/5 is creme donuts over cinnamon donuts. So we need creme on top and cinnamon on bottom in our proportion. So 2/5 = x/2. The x is the trays of creme donuts that we don't know. Now we cross multiply and divide. So 2*2=5x. So 4=5x. We divide by 5 and get 4/5, so the answer is 4/5 of a tray. :) Thanks!
Answered On 02/28/2017 21:10