Find the area "between" the curves y = x2 - 1 and y = -x2 + 1.

Asked By Scott On 09/12/2017 14:07


First you need to find where the two equations intersect by setting them equal to each other and solving for x. The 2 answers you get will be the bounds for your integration. In this case x = 1,-1. Now with that we can subtract the two equations from each other. But which order you ask? It goes by which ever function is on "top" if you cant tell by the function (i normally cant) I suggest graphing it and you will see that the "-x^2+1" is subtracting the 2 equations we get -2x^2+2 from -1 to 1 and the answer is 2.66
Answered On 09/13/2017 04:01